Factory trained service for the OLYMPUS OM SYSTEM and lenses. Also service for Pen F / FV / FT bodies and lenses and original XA. Since 1977. 37+ Years of continuous Olympus OM Service and OM Restoration. Ex-Olympus Technician & Service Manager. Extensive repair part inventory for OM bodies and lenses. Email me at : omtech1@verizon.net then send body or lenses in for service. Current turnaround 8-12 weeks. I DO NOT supply email repair help for the do-it-yourselfer.

You never need permission to send a repair. Please see "Sending a Repair" on the left. Wait for estimate and pay through Paypal. Please do not drop in, NO personal drop-offs. I have a full time job elsewhere, as there is not enough OM work to live on. Completed work covered by 90 day warranty.

I no longer repair the old Olympus RF cameras like: 35RC, 35RD, 35SP, 35SPn, Pen EE, EE2, etc.

Last Update : August 22, 2016 7:33 pm EST.
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