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What's an Overhaul?
Replacement of light-tight foam around back cover, at hinge area and inside mirror box (mirror bumpers). Every OM, XA, RF body I see has BAD mirror and back foam. BAD FOAM IS ALWAYS REPLACED. Bad prism foam is removed (OM-1 thru 2N) and not replaced. Even 3Ti's, 4T's and Ti's get new back & mirror foam. This is replaced as a regular part of every overhaul. There is no discount if you've done your own foam replacement and ask me not to do it. Badly botched foam installations may be left as-is, especially if glued in with the wrong glue (like silicon).

The OM-1/1N  overhaul price includes conversion to the silver oxide 1.55v battery. New battery is extra.  Use 357, SR44, MS76, KS76, G13, S76 or silver oxide equivalent. If you are using an MR9 and don't want the internal conversion, be sure to SEND YOUR MR9 AND BATTERY with your repair. My internal silver oxide conversion essentially builds the diode of the MR9 INTO the meter circuit: no adapter to buy or lose. 

Body is cleaned af dust, debris, lint. Gears and levers are cleaned and re-greased, small worn out parts (if any) are replaced. There may be a lot of work done during an overhaul that is not listed here.

In multiple OM body repairs, I do my best to match cameras to one another. When finished they will be very close to each other (usually within 1/8th of a stop, though it will vary with light level). Overhauled bodies may not match meters in camera's which have never been overhauled.

Meters are generally adjusted to "zero". Meters will not necessarily match exactly at all light levels (this cannot be done). This applies to OM bodies. Older RF repairs (35RD, RC, ED, SP, SPn, etc.) are discontinued from my service line.  Meters calibrated by Camtech will not necessarily match other camera's or handheld meters you may have that have not been overhauled.

Completed, paid overhauls are covered by a 3 month warranty (90 days). Warranty is void if equipment is abused (dropped, tampered, exposed to sand, water etc.) Warranty is also voided if someone else tries to fix it (as in "well, it seemed like a simple problem and I didn't want to have to send it back. My uncle said he could fix it") BOIOIOING....warranty cancelled. No warranty on aftermarket leather coverings, though we are very careful with them. Leather covers are "self stick" and may peel up and with age and handling.  Also, leather coverings may stain.  NO WARRANTY ON PARTIAL REPAIRS. 
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This description of ' what an overhaul is ' applies to your item when sent for repair. WE DO COMPLETE OVERHAULS ONLY!  NO PARTIAL REPAIRS.  Many functions of a camera are inter-related to other functions.  FULL OVERHAUL is in your best interests.    

Each repair is done one at a time, from beginning to end, and is usually shipped by Priority Mail the same day the work is completed. After the estimate is approved, (and it's your turn in line) your repair gets our undivided attention (approximate turnaround time is on our index page.)

First, your main complaints are addressed (whatever they might be). Wind jammed, release jammed, no flash sync, meter not working? (....there could be 6 different things that could cause a meter to fail.) If a dead meter can be fixed without replacing the meter coil itself, then it will probably be fixed under the flat rate overhaul price. If required, parts and prices will be listed separately.  All OM-1/1N meters get converted to common 1.55V silver oxide battery. 

Adjustment of curtain speeds and shutter shutter speeds to factory specs (curtains must go across the film aperture at the same speed). High shutter speeds are NEVER adjusted by tweaking the curtain speeds. That would make 1/1000 accurate ONLY in the center of the frame.

Adjustment of meter position to factory specs (meter accuracy and actual exposure are 2 independent systems. Meter needle position can be off plus or minus while actual speed or auto exposure is on the button etc.) Sorry, no meter warranty if used with wrong, non-linear, poor performance batteries (weincell, A76, LR44, CR1/3N).

If there is prism damage (OM-1 through 2N), damaged areas are either cleaned off (not perfect but very useable) or (If available) the prism replaced. There is an additional charge for the prism.

Adjustment of flash sync timing to factory specs.

If you supply a special focus screen (Olympus 2 series or Beattie) meter will be calibrated to it best as possible.  Meter is calibrated with 50mm f1.8 lens. Note calibration is not perfect at all light levels. Due to the way light passes through these "bright" screens, there is a slight underexposure that creeps in with wide angle lenses, and overexposure with telephoto lenses.  This is with 2-4, 2-13 and Beatties ONLY.

Adjustment of auto exposure accuracy to factory specs. (while OM-2S & PC "Auto" modes are adjustable, "PROGRAM" mode cannot be adjusted. )

The equipment is cleaned thoroughly when a repair is started, and again when all repair work is done. This includes mirror, focus screen, film chamber, eyepiece glass, misc. crevices around body etc. Body needs a second cleaning especially after old back foam is cleaned out.

If major parts are needed (like top cover, meter movement, mirror, eyepiece glass etc.) they will be itemized and priced separately on the estimate. Repairs may be re-estimated if the need for major parts is discovered during repair.

OM Lenses:  OM Zuiko lenses hit the market in the early 70s.   By now, some of them may be suffering from separation of focus grease (the oil comes out of the grease).   Such separation can allow oil to ooze out onto the diaphragm blades.  These lens overhauls require complete disassembly, separation of the focus tubes, complete degreasing and relubing (with high temp synthetic lube).  More time, more labor.
Dedicated to Preserving the OM System
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