Olympus Repair Parts
Nylon Blocks for Olympus OM Bellows, OEM Replacement:
Nylon Block for the STANDARDS (2 required per bellows, CB1038) ................... $22 EACH (was $34.95 ea.)
Nylon Block for the RAIL unit (CB1039) (1 per bellows) ................. $44.00 ea. LAST ONE, Long discontinued
OEM, Replacement Back Cover for OM-2, 2N, 2S, 3, 3Ti, 4, 4T, 4Ti. Pressure plate
NOT included.......$79.95
Can be used on OM-1N and most OM-1.
OM-4T / Ti Black Bottom Cover
ZC6347 Brand new stock, never used ...........$42 ea. , md cap, battery cap, black screws not included.
(Champagne bottom not available) .
Replacement CDS cells (matched pair) for OM-1, 1N (Camera repair skills recommended, disassembly, soldering, glueing required)
........$20.00 (pair)
No guarantee that after replacing cells yourself, that meter will be any better than it was. Though they look similar, these CDS cells will not work in OM-2/2N. No warranty, returns, credits refunds on ANY repair parts)
Sony 357 - 1.55v silver oxide battery
...........................................................$3.99 ea.
For OM-2/2n, 2s, 3, 3Ti, 4, 4T, 4Ti, XA, XA2, XA3, XA4, OM-10, G, 20, (OM-F & 30 uses 5 cells), OM-PC, 40, AND all OM-1/1N that I have converted to silver oxide battery! A76 / LR44 are NOT the same as these. Silver Oxide 357 are the preferred version. Recent Sony production shows "357" on the package, but "SR44" on the battery itself. Equivalent to MS76, KS76, G-13, S76, 303.
OM-2S, 3, 4 TTL Socket Cap (CE5691)
OM-2S, 3, 4 PC Sync Cap (CE5692)
Discontinued, NLA
Pressure Plate, OEM Replacement
fits OM-1 through 4Ti. Not for oldest OM-1 with old style back cover with smaller 1.5" x 2" pressure plate..............$10.00
T32 Calculator Panel: OEM, Feet, New, ZD4057, $10
T45 Calculator Panel: OEM, Feet, New, $20
Prices shown do NOT include S&H (shipping and handling). Also, sales tax will be added IF in NY. To purchase, just click the button and pay through paypal. Many parts available and not listed here. Purchase of camera repair parts is at your own risk. Repair skills suggested, parts do not come with directions. I have no control how parts may be handled by well meaning end users. No warranty on any parts. No refunds, exchanges, returns, credits, EVER.
Always available..........1 set $8, 2 sets and up $7.50 ea. Actual shipping charge varies with total size and value of order.   3 sets and up go by Priority Mail and are insured and track-able (USA ONLY). Please specify Olympus model camera foam sets are for. Basic set is for OM-1 through 4Ti.  NYS residents will have sales tax added to order. Foam installation is done at your own risk and some parts will require trimming to length.  Gluing required.  Improper  technique may glue back cover shut or in extreme cases make camera beyond repair. Slot pieces are dark gray, hinge and mirror pads are black.  AS WITH ALL REPAIR PARTS:  NO WARRANTY !  These are utility grade.  No separate model specific directions included.  Some cutting and custom fit required. 

Foam sets available for other Olympus models, please specify (cutting required by the end user).  Install at your own risk. 
Back Foam Sets
1 set $8
2 sets $7.50 ea.
T10 Flash Tube, replacement OEM (DQ0081) , $25
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OEM Replacement Olympus Bellows Lock Knob ZD4039 (for lens standard, was $18), $9.00
Olympus 35RC Parts
35RC New replacement Filter Ring, CA8094, $15
35RC new replacement Front Element, LC0546, $20 ONE PER CUSTOMER
35RC new replacement Shutter Speed Dial (Screw NOT included)......CA8027, $8.00
35RC new replacement Rewind Knob, (Lever, screw, spring not included)......CA8026, $10.00
Repair Skills Recommended
Lens Parts
MD caps for OM-1, 1N, 2, 2N no longer available.
MD/Battery Cap for OM-2S, 3, 3Ti, 4, 4T, 4Ti no longer available.
OM-1 / 1N Chrome Battery Cap, New, OEM $18.00
OM-1 / 1N Black Battery Cap, New, OEM $18.00
Dedicated to Preserving the OM System
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OM-4T BLACK TOP COVER. Brand new, never used oem stock. Repair skills suggested, 3 wires to solder, many small parts to take off and put on when doing this. VERY LIMITED QUANTITY. When these are gone, there are no more. ZC6349, $145 ea., was $290 (and YES they were always that expensive). DOES NOT INCLUDE: black screws, rewind knob, wind lever, asa parts etc.
Sorry to single one location out, but I am no longer shipping small parts orders of ANY kind to addresses in ITALY. It is unfortunate but a known opinion shared by many in the know that the Italian Post Office system is one of the worst. Packages go in, nothing comes out. I simply will not be on the hook for such "losses" . Of course, small packages can be sent by Priority Mail International. A small tack-able or trace-able package to Italy will cost around $60 to ship. Untrace-able, untrack-able (First Class padded envelope), is around $20.
These parts available for shipment within the United States and Canada ONLY.
These parts available for shipment within the United States and Canada ONLY.
Shipped within the United States only, BY PRIORITY MAIL, FLAT RATE ENVELOPE
3 sets $7.00 ea.