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Replacing Back Foam 1
The basic set I sell is for the M-1, OM-1 through 4Ti. It is expected the buyer has repair skills, and knowns how to work wil mild solvents like dentaured alcohol and small screwdrivers.  Consult parts blowups to know where the foam goes.  Regular OM body M-1, OM-1, OM-1N, OM-2, 2N, 2S, OM-3, OM-3Ti, OM-4, 4T, 4Ti  all use 6 pieces of foam.  Some cutting on your part will be required for the slot pieces. It is expected that you will install foam within 30 days of receipt.  No warranty on repair parts - period.   For many people, camera repairs are not meant to be done at home.  

XA back foam is glued in with brown rubber cement.  Slot foam is included but if your XA does not have it, you should NOT install it.  Set for OM-PC (40) does not include piece for back cover film window (not available)

Please read everything all the way through before starting. Materials used and techniques required for installation are subject to change without notice. Supplying these instructions does not imply foam replacement is meant to be done at home. Camtech is not responsible for any damage which may occur while installing foam. Work slowly and carefully for best results.

My overhauls include all new slot, hinge and mirror bumper foam. 
Self stick slot foam is very difficult to work with and for that reason alone I do not supply it. I do not recommend pressing new foam into slots over old foam.   I've seen this technique from some of the biggest used camera dealers.  NOT GOOD!  Many people have been successful installing new foam without using glue, but ALL old foam must be cleaned out first. Slots should be cleaned until you are down to painted metal. In some cases, paint may come off bottom of slot. If slot foam is not glued in, it may pull out if it sticks to the edges of the back cover.

I use very dark gray open cell foam for the slots (3 pcs.) (not the original Olympus repair part) which should be glued in. Hinge piece (1) is Olympus original black foam and is self-stick. Mirror pads (2) are rectangular (not L shaped) and are also self stick. Total 6 pieces.

If refoaming a 3, 3Ti, 4, 4T, 4Ti, be careful doing the bottom long slot. There should be NO FOAM or GLUE for the last 5-8mm at the left hand (latch) end of the slot. There is a switch tab there that controls the auto loading feature of these cameras when used with Motor Drive 2.  A similar tab is present in the OM-G, OM-PC (OM-20, OM-40) this is found in the bottom slot about 1.5" in from the left hand end.
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Dedicated to Preserving the OM System
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