OM Motor, Flash Repair Prices

Replacement battery holder for Winder 1 & 2.......$19.95 ea.

*MOTOR DRIVE 1 ..............................$99 
Motor Drive 2 service not available (new circuit almost always required) 
M15V Control Pack 1 or 2:  Replace your old dead/leaking nicad cluster with NiMH cells.  NOTE:  converted Pack MUST be charged on a timer, and cells must be "formed" by you..  Overcharging can destroy NiMH cells.  Replacement circuits not available.  The NiMH cluster output causes the motor to be not quite as fast as the old nicad version.  Nicads not available in this size. 
 Nicad packs are opened for estimating as leaking cells and/or tampering can make packs "beyond repair".   
Because of the way they may be handled by the end user, there is NO WARRANTY on NiMH clusters installed in M15V Control Pack 1 and 2. 
Olympus OM Flash
OM Motor, Winders, Nicad
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Olympus M15V Control Pack converted to NiMH cells.
(does not include battery holder, which is discontinued)....$89 and up
If battery contacts INSIDE the grip appear melted, price: $119.00

18V Grip Battery Holder:  NOT AVAILABLE. 
18V Grip 1 & 2 warranty does not cover melting of battery holder insert. 
T-45 Battery Rebuild not available
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Motor Drive 2 service NLA (no parts available) namely no circuit boards which are always either burned out or ripped from tampering.
M15V Control Pack 1 & 2  Rebuild 
T32, T Power Control 1 SHOE REPLACEMENT ONLY:  $39, no warranty on electronics.   Price will be based on inspection. Major overhauls of these along with T20 and T45 are not available due to "no parts".
$149 + S&H 
OM Winder 1 or 2 overhaul..................$69
Prices shown are for overhauls. Partial repairs are not done, they are a bad investment for the customer. All prices based on inspection and your price may be higher due to excessive wear, impact, water, sand, or tampering. 3 month repair warranty is standard. Limited warranty on some models due to limited parts availability. As marked, very old models carry repair warranty limited to area of repair only. In most cases, no major parts available for these very old models. No warranty on main circuits for OM-2, 2N, 2S, 3, 3Ti, 4, 4T, 4Ti, XA Series, OM-10, G, 20, F, 30, PC, 40. We accept PayPal, Check, Money order.
18V Grip 1 or 2 overhaul..................$89
T32, T Power Control
Vari-Magni Finder...................................$89
Repair prices do NOT include return shipping, handling, and paypal fee. Sometimes parts are extra. ** Actual repair price based on inspection. All return shipments must be insured.
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