The Camtech warranty is 90 Days (3 months) whether or not item is used or tested.  If customer puts the repaired item on a shelf and does not use it, and finds a defect a year or more later,  there is no warranty, because warranty has run out.   It is users responsibility to use said repaired equipment during the warranty period to determine if it is working properly.  Also, warranty is NOT TRANSFERABLE  to a second owner. Warranty  is voided if equipment is exposed to sand, impact, water, tampering or any other form of abuse.   
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No warranty if OM bodies are used with "soft  release" buttons.  These add-ons (not made by Olympus) change the design of the camera, raising the profile of the release button so high that if anything hits the top of the body, the release absorbs all the force and causes damage to multiple levers inside the body.  Use a "soft release" button at your own risk.   They don't always cause damage, but sometimes they do.  Please check out pics of good camera and one damaged by soft release button.
Cameras that fail during the warranty period MUST be received by Camtech while the warranty is in effect, for that camera to be re-examined and repaired under the warranty. One customer sent a camera back 2.5 YEARS later expecting a "no charge" repair simply because he told me about the problem 2 years earlier. A camera will be redone under warranty ONLY if it is received while the warranty is still in effect.  ALL shipping costs to CPS are the customers responsibility.   Warranty includes return shipping to the original invoiced customer only and only within the United States.  All repair warrantees are limited to areas worked on..   Please enclose a copy of your repair invoice when returning anything for warranty service.
A redo or rework does not start a new 90 day month warranty. Rework warranty is time remaining on original warranty or 15 days, whichever is greater.  NO PARTIAL REPAIRS!.  NO WARRANTY OF ANY KIND ON NiMH BATTERY CLUSTERS IN M15V CONTROL PACKS.

The Camtech warranty is cancelled if the item is worked on by anyone other than Camtech (CPS, Inc.) during the warranty period.  That would be tampering.  Home testing is not accurate and is meaningless AFAIC.  Comparing overhauled equipment to other camera meters is not binding.

Repair part sales carry no warranty of any kind. Purchase of camera repair parts is at the end users own risk. Repair skills vary widely from good to none. I have no control how parts may be handled by well meaning end users. No warranty on any repair part sales,  No refunds, exchanges, returns, credits on repair parts, EVER.  Parts do not come with directions. .
Warranty does not cover the circuit board in ANY OM item or XA body ( no longer available).  Warranty also does not cover possible  failure of mechanical meter movements in any Olympus OM, Pen FT or XA  body..  Warranty not honored if cameras are used with the wrong batteries (ex. OM-2/2N  must use silver oxide 1.55V cells.  A76, LR44 alkaline & CR1/3N lithium = Wrong batteries).
updated 5/10/2016
The Camtech Warranty
Above specs subject to change without notice. 
Items not covered by the warranty:  md cap, hot shoes, ttl connectors, batteries, camera cases, straps.  Also not covered:  prism damage that may appear, leather that may curl up, rewind knob that may unscrew because customer rewinds film in the wrong direction  (and all various  parts that could unscrew, fall off camera and become lost).  Also not covered:  small rewind knob on handle of OM-3/3Ti/4/4T/4Ti may unscrew and fall off, eyepiece glass on same bodies will break and fall out if pressed or cleaned too hard, burned out battery clusters in M15V Control Pack 1 and 2 from overcharging or age : not covered by warranty.
OM warranty is limited to areas worked on and is completely time based, and runs from the SHIP DATE.   If camera/lens is put away for 90 days and is not used, warranty will run out and end.  It is customers responsibility to use it!
While custom leathers are very nice, no warranty if they peel up from the body. I did not make them and the self-stick layer is an unknown entity. 
Pen F/FT/FV sprockets that fail (symptom: film will not wind, sprocket just spins) not covered by the warranty. 
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