Hi there - just got the OM-1 back from service. Looks and feels great. Thanks for a good job, and I'll be sending in the OM-4T for some TLC sometime in the future.
Cheers. DC
Many thanks John! It's been a pleasure doing business with you. MC
No, thank YOU! Many thanks, OK
Thanks again for the help keeping the OMs going...PL
The OM-1n I sent to you for service arrived back here safe and sound. It looks great and the winder is very smooth. Thanks for your work and for sending the camera back with a good filter! PT
The package arrived on schedule today. I tested the camera back and it works like a charm. BT

Items received today in good shape. Both cameras look great, thank you so much. JS

John - My cameras arrived back safe and sound; thank you as always. FK
We received the XA last week and are very pleased with it. It seems like a new camera. Thank you. ES
I have received the camera today. It was well forwarded by the post office people.
Excellent job as usual. JPE, France
I received the Olympus OM-1camera last week and I am very happy with it.. I thank you for all the efforts undertaken by you in servicing my cameras. KS, India
Got the two lenses back today and they look great. Thanks very much for taking care of them. RT
Just wanted to confirm that the cameras (35SP & 35RD) arrived yesterday and appear to be in excellent working order. I'm pretty excited about doing some shooting with them this weekend. SV

I appreciate you turning the OM-3 around so fast. Your work has consistently exceded my expectations. My OLY gear is a pleasure to use! BB
The camera arrived yesterday while I was out. It looks and sounds fantastic! KF
Thanks for overhauling my OM-1. It looks so .....clean. LF
Hi there. Just got the OM-1 back from service. Looks and feels great, thanks for a good job. DC 3/09.
Thanks a million. Your work is excellent, my cameras even *look* great. I'm about to send you another one. DB
Great work, thank you! I'd almost forgotten how nice film can be. TO
My old camera looks great again! You guys are my heroes. Thank you for providing such an excellent service. TH
That was great service both from you and the Post Office.
Received the camera - thank you for a fine repair job. VN
Received my OM2n today and am very pleased. JM
Top notch work as always, NH
arrows_red_034.gif arrows_red_033.gif
"The Olympus 35 RC which you CLA'd for me has arrived safely and is back to work as my daily carry camera. The cleaned-up rangefinder is a pleasure to work with and it's very comforting to know how far I can trust the light meter. Thank you for giving a few more decades of life to a well-loved toy/tool."
I was out taking some pics today with the OM2n that you cla'ed for me.
I just wanted to let you know how good the control dials etc. feel, especially the shutter release button.
Thank you! fs
....... the result is that it works a lot better now, and I'm happy for that.
It is a pleasure doing business with you, and I look forward to working with you in the future.
I just wanted to write and thank you for the excellent service and
turn-around time on my son's camera. It came on Friday and he was overjoyed. MR
I am grateful for your ability to work magic with my cameras, however what I am most grateful for is the generous way in which you share yourself with this world wide community. You do make a difference! BB
Customer Comments
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