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Sending a Repair
You  should write Camtech first regarding what model you want serviced. Then (if I repair) box it up, insure it, ship it. PLEASE PLEASE  INCLUDE A NOTE IN THE BOX DETAILING YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS AND SHIPPING ADDRESS. You will receive a pdf and plain text copy of your estimate.  Please limit all communication to email. 
PLEASE do not ship your camera in the original Olympus box it came in. Do not send camera cases or bulky straps. Wrap your camera in a plastic bag and pack it carefully. Use a sturdy corrugated cardboard box. The Post Office can supply the proper box if you don\'t have one. Pack in styrofoam peanuts, bubble wrap or crumpled newspaper on all sides. When you close the box, tape it shut and shake it, the contents should not be loose or thumping around inside. Send your Zuiko lenses along if you like. There will be a cleaning and / or repair charge for each lens if it is determined that they need work. 
INSURE THE PACKAGE! Definitely in your best interest.  It\'s up to you to insure for the correct amount.
Please ship by Priority Mail, UPS, Fed Ex, whatever\'s most convenient or best for you. Include a cover letter which includes your return address, and email address.
Paypal , check, money order are the only forms of payment we accept now.    Paypal is the way to go these days.   You DO NOT need a PayPal account to send money through it.  Please, no payments by Canadian Money Orders.
If anything unusual is found during the repair, it may be re-estimated.  If repair is started and very serious damage is found, the repair may be made "beyond economical repair". Camera will be reassembled and returned as-is.  Money will be refunded minus $20 bench fee and shipping and handling. 
RETURN SHIPPING: We use Post Office only.  Priority Mail for 1 body to the 50 states with $200 insurance, MINIMUM $17.49, usually more. Actual shipping and handling determined by weight, zip code and insurance amount during the estimating process. Priority Mail coast to coast is usually 2-3 Day delivery.  NYS residents: sales tax extra (applied to labor, parts, shipping and handling). 
 If you live in a high traffic area  (like an apartment building) you must request "signature required" for return delivery.  If you do not request this option, and package is delivered, left in a lobby, then stolen, you will NOT be able to collect on any insurance claim.
updated 10/14/2022
Refusing an Estimate?  If you refuse the estimate, bench fee is  $20  + return S&H.  Estimates that have gone unanswered for more than 90 (ninety) days will be considered abandoned and may be sold to recover losses.   Once a repair is started, estimate cannot be cancelled. Estimate prices given are valid for 30 days. 
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Also: Please do not send equipment made by other manufacturers (ie. Vivitar flash, Tamron, Sigma, Tokina lenses) as we do not repair them. We work ONLY on items made by Olympus (name ring on film lenses made by Olympus read "Zuiko").

To pay for an approved repair:  Go and submit payments to:
YOUR ACTUAL REPAIR PRICE is based on inspection.    Based on where you are, your paypal payment may go through the same day.   Check clearing times are controlled by the processing bank and can take up to 10 business days. Please do not try to prepay with a check, wait for the actual price.  No stamps please. 
Our payment options have changed: Paypal, check or money order only please.
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