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I got these years ago from Olympus. These are brand new curtain assemblies, never used. They may have been made for the Olympus FTL SLR which came out before the OM System. (Odd part numbers CC0309 & CC0310 don't fit anywhere within the range of regular OM part numbers) Possibly these curtains could fit in older cameras that have drum type focal plane shutters (Nikon / Contax type shutter?) . These are rubberized silk with metal bars. Woven tapes (3mm wide) are sewn and glued onto the bars. Curtain material is approximately .007" thick. Curtain length dimensions are measured to the edge of the bar. Sold only in sets of 2.
Part # CC0310
Part # CC0309
$20 per set
Replacement Curtains (not OM)
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